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Hometown: San Francisco


Genre: West Coast Hip-Hop


Years Active: 2021-Present


Label: Family First / Professa Gabel LLC / Worldtour Records


San Francisco rap supergroup Sutro, comprised of Afterthought, Professa Gabel, and DJSAY, was formed in 2020 when Gabel booked a studio session with Afterthought at DJSAY’s studio in the heart of downtown. They had each been making waves in the city as solo artists, but that night a creative spark clicked between the three. Since then, they’ve hit 20k streams on 2021’s “Sutro EP”, played shows from LA to NYC, packed out a 415 Day celebration at El Rio, and even begun hosting weekly trivia nights. Now they’re gearing up to release their eponymous debut album. Sutro The Album is an ambitious celebration of San Francisco. Across 17 tracks, they celebrate the finer things in life while acknowledging the trials that come with living in a city known for both extreme wealth and extreme poverty. They also drop straight up slappers with Bay Area legends including Nef The Pharaoh (“Bruce Wayne”), Mistah F.A.B. (“Care/Less”), DJ.Fresh (“Top Of The City”) and more. The album's first single “eversince” amassed over 15k streams in its first 2 weeks. With major cosigns and the album, a tour, music videos, and even a custom Sutro wine on the way, look for them to make a major splash in 2024 and beyond.




Management: Rupesh Barman |


Booking: Jackson Plut |

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